10/05/18: Writing history: The story of “Another mother’s son”

Come and join us on the 10th May 2018 from 6.30pm in The Vincent Rooms, Westminster Kingsway College, Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PD to hear Jenny Lecoat, scriptwriter of the feature film “Another mother’s son” and great niece of Louisa Gould, the real-life inspiration for the protagonist of the film.

The film, lauded as being a “moving tribute to human goodness and compassion” by the Reader’s Digest, follows the life of Louisa Gould, a Jersey woman who sheltered a Russian slave worker during the Occupation. With the loss of her own son earlier in the war this personal tragedy encourages Louisa to take in Feodor Burriy and care for him for almost two years.

After a slip in security she is betrayed, arrested, and deported only days before the D-day landings closed sea traffic to the islands, but her actions saved the life of the young man she had come to see as her own.

The speaker, Jenny Lecoat, will speak not only on her writing process of turning historical facts into a cinema feature film, but also on why she wants to bring this story so personal to her family to public attention.

As usual, there will be a three course meal preceding the talk, and bar facilities open throughout.

More details available here.

Another mother’s son is available to be viewed on Netflix.