23/5/2019: Great War: An island story at a time of global conflict

We look forward to welcoming you to our second talk of the 2019 lecture programme. On Thursday 23rd May at the Vincent Rooms, LondonIan Ronayne, historian and author of ‘Ours: The Jersey Pals’ and ‘Jersey War Walks’ will speak on the topic of The Great War: An island story at a time of conflict.

Ian Ronayne, historian and author of ‘Ours: The Jersey Pals’ and ‘Jersey War Walks.’

Over the last four years, the world has commemorated the First World War. We have marked centenaries of epic battles, recalled heroics, horrors and sacrifice, elevated ground-breaking wartime achievements. In short, we have dutifully remembered a period in world history that should never be forgotten.

Jersey too has been remembering a period of its history that was largely forgotten until comparatively recently. Overshadowed by occupation in the Second World War, Jersey’s own Great War experience slipped out of mind. Today, rightfully, that situation is changing.

Ian Ronayne is a Jersey historian with a passion for history. Some years back, that passion turned to the story of the island between 1914 and 1918. In 2009, Ian published his first book on this subject, the acclaimed ‘Ours: The Jersey Pals in the First World War’. It dealt with a small group of men from Jersey who left in 1915 to serve gallantly with the Royal Irish Rifles. A follow-up book, ‘Jersey’s Great War’, was published in 2014 to record the whole story of islanders between 1914 and 1918.

In recent years, Ian has led or supported many initiatives linked to Jersey’s remembering and commemorating of its First World War experience. These include visits to the former battlefields of Jersey soldiers, school and public talks, weekly blogs, ceremonies and monument erection. All of which safeguard the legacy of Jersey’s Great War and the islanders who lived through it.

As usual, there will be a three course meal preceding the talk, and bar facilities open throughout.

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