Gabrielle Radiguet


In this solo exhibition Jersey born Gabrielle Radiguet  invites you to share with her the prospect of catching a sudden glimpse of something transitory – a momentary sense of the divine. The show brings together a series of new paintings, cyanotype prints and miniature ink studies which aim to celebrate the awe and wonder of the English landscape.

The paintings are built up in a spirit of quiet introspection, creating a harmonious sense of place where time is stilled and a search for the light is shared with the viewer.

The cyanotype prints are taken from the allotments and edgelands of the city where things are often left alone or forgotten. These simple specimens are literally caught in sunlight where their innate character develops into an object of individual beauty.

The ink studies draw the viewer in to an intimate space of calligraphic mark making proposing through successive interpretations of the landscape, a personal journey.

Details: The Crypt Gallery, St. Martin-in-the Fields, Trafalgar Square opposite the National Portrait Gallery. It opens on Tuesday 23rd June until Saturday 18th July 2015.

Click images below for larger versions: