Christmas cracker answers 2021

The Puzzle Solutions!

The Society’s Council wish all members a happy start to the Society’s 125th anniversary year. We hope that the Society’s Christmas cracker enlivened your Christmas. No doubt you found all the solutions, but here they are in case you want to check.

How many of the photos did you recognise? The seagull’s eye view was of Bonne Nuit Bay. On the back page, just visible in the mist, is La Rocco Tower. Next to it – and congratulations if you got this one – La Rosière Bay, situated next to La Corbière. Below them, with Jersey in the background, is a view from Les Ecréhou. The other seagull’s eye view is of Egypt and the frozen water mill is Tesson Mill.

On the centre page, the famous person in a Jersey bonnet is Constable Sadie Rennard singing Beautiful Jersey. Here are links to a couple of her Liberation Day performances, one in Jèrriais and one in English.

And here are the answers to the quiz questions:

  1. A beach in Trinity and another in St Brelade share a name – what is it?
    Petit Port
  2. Why are St Ouen people called gris ventres?
    Because they traditionally wore Jerseys knitted with undyed wool.
  3. What was the name of the treacherous Jerseyman who showed Baron de Rullecourt the way in at Platte Rocque that led to the Battle of Jersey in 1781?
    Pierre Journeaux
  4. What is the name of the Dolmen in St Clement?
    Le Mont Ubé
  5. In what country and in what town was the hermit monk Helier born?
    Tongeren (or Tongres) in present-day Belgium
  6. Where could you go to admire the beauty of the three sisters?
    Le Havre des Pas
  7. Where in St Lawrence did Henry Vatcher enjoy a picnic in the 1860s, and what profitable discovery did he make there?
    Near the site of Handois reservoir, which fills his former china clay quarry
  8. Which two parishes have the same patron saint?
    Grouville and St Martin
  9. How many of the island’s parish churches have spires?
    Eight. The exceptions are St Helier, St Saviour and St Lawrence (towers) and St Brelade.
  10. Which parish has the longest coastline?
    St Brelade
  11. What is the southernmost point in the parish of Grouville?
    Les Minquiers
  12. What is the highest point in Jersey?
    Les Platons
  13. Which historical figure died in the Royal Square?
    Major Francis Peirson
  14. Which seven letter place name in St Brelade contains all five vowels?

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