18/10/18: ‘No Nudes is Good Nudes’– censorship and public entertainment in Jersey

Since the late eighteenth century, Jersey’s Bailiff has exercised control over entertainment in the Island’s theatres and other public places, mostly without attracting undue attention. But Rod McLoughlin will talk about a notable exception in 1986 when the front pages and letters columns of the Jersey Evening Post were dominated for weeks by a production of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Why did a Roman history play cause such a furore and how did it change forever attitudes to public entertainment in Jersey?

The guest speaker was the journalist and arts correspondent who covered the story for the JEP; he subsequently became Director of the Jersey Arts Centre where the production had been staged; and later, by a further irony, as Chief Officer in the Bailiff’s Chambers his responsibilities included advising the Bailiff on public entertainment.

Rod McLoughlin was born in London but, having visited the Island regularly on holiday since the age of 18 months, became a permanent resident aged six. He was educated at Victoria College and Edinburgh University where he read English Literature and Language. His most recent post was as Jersey’s Cultural Development Officer from which he retired earlier this year.

As usual, there will be a three course meal preceding the talk, and bar facilities open throughout.

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