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7/3/2019: Jersey’s Overseas Aid Programme: Good global citizenship or a waste of money?

Our first meeting of 2019 is sure to be a good one, on the 7th March we will be joined by Simon Boas the Director of Jersey Oversea Aid.

Simon Boas, Director of Jersey Overseas Aid

For over 50 years, Jersey has operated a taxpayer-funded overseas aid and development programme. A little rock off the coast of Normandy has funded boreholes, schools and clinics in six continents, and sent almost 1,000 volunteers on work trips to developing countries. We even have a Minister for International Development. Why do we bother? Shouldn’t charity begin at home? Can our aid really change anything? For that matter, can anyone’s?

Simon Boas has been Director of Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) since October 2016. Brought in with a mission to reform and professionalise Jersey’s overseas grant-making, he will lift the lid on Jersey’s humanitarian and development donor ship and provide a candid assessment of what’s worked and what hasn’t. He will explain how funding decisions are made, the changes underway at JOA, and set out how the Island can maximise the impact of its international aid programme over the next five years.

Before arriving in Jersey, Simon spent most of his career designing, implementing and evaluating aid projects in developing countries. He managed UN and NGO offices in the Middle East and South Asia His experiences range from long-term development policy-making to immediate post-disaster relief. He was educated at Winchester and Oxford before, more latterly, receiving a Master’s degree in International Policy Analysis from Bath University.

As usual, there will be a three course meal preceding the talk, and bar facilities open throughout.

More details are available on the booking form here.


Meetings and events in 2019

Our meetings in 2019 will be held at our usual venue the Vincent Rooms, Vincent Square, London SW1P 4PD on 7 March (AGM), 23 May and 17 October (annual dinner).

Our annual boules match with the Guernsey Society will take place as usual in Cleaver Square, London SE11, on 22 June.

Simon Boas, Director of Jersey Overseas Aid

Our speaker in March will be Simon Boas, Director of Jersey Overseas Aid, who will talk about some of the extraordinary things which Jersey accomplishes abroad, transforming the lives of more people each year than live in the Island itself.

Ian Ronayne, Historian and Author of ‘Ours: The Jersey Pals’ and ‘Jersey War Walks’

Following the recent centenary of the First World War, the historian and author Ian Ronayne will address our May meeting, exploring the impact of the Great War on the Island and how islanders responded to the profound challenges it presented – on the both the home front and battlefield. Among the subjects Ian will cover is the contribution made by the Jersey Society in London during the period.

Georgina Malet de Carteret, President of the National Trust for Jersey

Following our annual dinner in October we shall hear about the work of the National Trust for Jersey from its president, Georgina Malet de Carteret.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


18/10/18: ‘No Nudes is Good Nudes’– censorship and public entertainment in Jersey

Since the late eighteenth century, Jersey’s Bailiff has exercised control over entertainment in the Island’s theatres and other public places, mostly without attracting undue attention. But Rod McLoughlin will talk about a notable exception in 1986 when the front pages and letters columns of the Jersey Evening Post were dominated for weeks by a production of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Why did a Roman history play cause such a furore and how did it change forever attitudes to public entertainment in Jersey?

The guest speaker was the journalist and arts correspondent who covered the story for the JEP; he subsequently became Director of the Jersey Arts Centre where the production had been staged; and later, by a further irony, as Chief Officer in the Bailiff’s Chambers his responsibilities included advising the Bailiff on public entertainment.

Rod McLoughlin was born in London but, having visited the Island regularly on holiday since the age of 18 months, became a permanent resident aged six. He was educated at Victoria College and Edinburgh University where he read English Literature and Language. His most recent post was as Jersey’s Cultural Development Officer from which he retired earlier this year.

As usual, there will be a three course meal preceding the talk, and bar facilities open throughout.

More details available here.


10/05/18: Writing history: The story of “Another mother’s son”

Come and join us on the 10th May 2018 from 6.30pm in The Vincent Rooms, Westminster Kingsway College, Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PD to hear Jenny Lecoat, scriptwriter of the feature film “Another mother’s son” and great niece of Louisa Gould, the real-life inspiration for the protagonist of the film.

The film, lauded as being a “moving tribute to human goodness and compassion” by the Reader’s Digest, follows the life of Louisa Gould, a Jersey woman who sheltered a Russian slave worker during the Occupation. With the loss of her own son earlier in the war this personal tragedy encourages Louisa to take in Feodor Burriy and care for him for almost two years.

After a slip in security she is betrayed, arrested, and deported only days before the D-day landings closed sea traffic to the islands, but her actions saved the life of the young man she had come to see as her own.

The speaker, Jenny Lecoat, will speak not only on her writing process of turning historical facts into a cinema feature film, but also on why she wants to bring this story so personal to her family to public attention.

As usual, there will be a three course meal preceding the talk, and bar facilities open throughout.

More details available here.

Another mother’s son is available to be viewed on Netflix.


22/02/2018 Jersey: The hidden histories

Come and join us on the 22nd February 2018 at The Vincent Rooms, Westminster Kingsway College, Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PD for what promises to be a fascinating evening as Paul Darroch, former Centenary Scholar in Modern History at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, talks to us about his recent book “Jersey: The hidden histories”.

The book, which has been described as “imaginative and vibrant” tracks the lesser known lives of many well known characters, with histories reaching from Jersey to London, and for many on into America where New Jersey was to be founded.

Paul Darroch will open his talk with the story of Charlie Chaplin, whose journey took him from the brutal poverty of south London to the stage of the Jersey Opera House. This was the day before Chaplin joined the Jersey Battle of Flowers parade, when the course of his life would change forever.

Surely an unmissable night!

As usual, there will be a three course meal preceding the talk, and bar facilities open throughout.

More details available here.

The Society is offering up to five free places to young people from Jersey (aged up to 25) attending their first meeting. Please spread the word around. If you want to claim one of the places, please contact Chris GuilleMarett:(


Gabrielle Radiguet


In this solo exhibition Jersey born Gabrielle Radiguet  invites you to share with her the prospect of catching a sudden glimpse of something transitory – a momentary sense of the divine. The show brings together a series of new paintings, cyanotype prints and miniature ink studies which aim to celebrate the awe and wonder of the English landscape.

The paintings are built up in a spirit of quiet introspection, creating a harmonious sense of place where time is stilled and a search for the light is shared with the viewer.

The cyanotype prints are taken from the allotments and edgelands of the city where things are often left alone or forgotten. These simple specimens are literally caught in sunlight where their innate character develops into an object of individual beauty.

The ink studies draw the viewer in to an intimate space of calligraphic mark making proposing through successive interpretations of the landscape, a personal journey.

Details: The Crypt Gallery, St. Martin-in-the Fields, Trafalgar Square opposite the National Portrait Gallery. It opens on Tuesday 23rd June until Saturday 18th July 2015.

Click images below for larger versions:



The London BOULES MURATTI between the Jersey Society in London and the Guernsey Society: Saturday 14 June 2014

We lost!! We gathered on a fairly dismal, slightly drizzly, Saturday lunchtime at the pub in Cleaver Square, Kennington – the Jersey Society team choosing to eat outside under the awning and the Guernsey team sheltering indoors.

The clouds gradually began to disperse and we paired off in our respective teams of five; unfortunately Guernsey were three players short so Jersey had to “lend” them some of their own! That left five opposing teams of pairs playing their first matches. Jersey also had several supporters.

The “terrain” in Cleaver Square is incredibly hard (very little gravel) and uneven, so no matter how skilled a player might be the boules can easily be diverted! However, Jersey started off well and had gained a comfortable lead – to begin with. Then it all went wrong in the second round and Guernsey ended up winning by 6 to 4.

Needless to say, it was a good fun and everyone enjoyed the competition, with the Jersey side boasting that it had, of course, helped Guernsey to win!

IMG_7962 outside the pub in Cleaver Square 2014 the two Island teams Petanque enthusiasm Jersey players and supportersIMG_7967 me and boules


Karen Blampied’s Icons at the “Icons Today” exhibition, Pimlico. 25th – 27th October

Karen Blampied designed 12 icons for each of the Parish Churches based on Saints. 2 of these (St Brelade and St Ouen) are featured in the “Icons Today” exhibition at St Saviours Church, St George’s Square, Pimlico. All are welcome.

For further details including how to find the church please click here.

Opening times

Thursday 25th October 10.30 am to 6.00 pm
Friday 26th October 10.30 am to 6.00 pm
Saturday 27th October 10.30 am to 4.00 pm